Species: Squirrel, Gnome
Gender: male
HP: 5
Att: 3
Def: 3
Weapon: /

Other items: /

Current hat: Flower crown.

Special: Apprentice of the Squirrel Fu

Almond is the nephew of the Master Squirrel. He isn’t exactly a friend of the hard squirrel-fu training and rather goes adventuring with Spaz.

Spaz and Almond met, while Spaz was briefly transformed into a squirrel by Almond’s uncle.
Together they found (and stole) the legendary salty peanuts, which were guarded by a terrible demon.

When Spaz and Almond died together in an accident, both choose to be reborn together.
Almond was reincarnated as a gnome. He still is an apprentice of the Squirrel Fu martial arts, but now he’s actually big enough to actually cause some damage with it.

A sign that he’s not completely used to his new shape is, that he fell in love at first sight with Shiny, who is currently cursed into Squirrel-form.

Almond is currently Spaz’ partner, even though Spaz was recently reincarnated as a Scarab.



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