Let there be Hats!

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Turn 1

The colorful portal flashes briefly before three goblins stumble into the strange room.
Looks like you took a wrong turn somewhere. You’re definately not in the warcamp anymore.

Too bad neither the chief nor the teller are here to see this – Whatever this is.

Time to start exploring!

Turn 2

Falls enters the room to the left, hoping for an opportunity to practice his tumbling skills – and gets disappointed terribly.
there isn’t anything in here aside from a lonely barrel.

thatgoblin climbs up to the next room to find … an indoor tree?

Hangover uses the phone to call the emergency-beer-hotline. He is greeted by a mechanical voice:
“This room is still under construction. Please have patience until a GM creates it. In the meantime listen to happy German folksongs about beverages….” With that a song starts, going in an endless loop. Hangover decides: This is un-beer-able!

Turn 3

Falls is soon bored by trying to jump off or over the barrel. instead he opens it and looks inside.
Hey looks like there’s some sweet loot!
He dives in to snatch… the Mugiwara.
Since he is currently not wearing a hat he puts it on at once.

thatgoblin decides he wants a chat with small animals. The squirrel watches him aproaching and chatting away, curiously, but only responds with ‘squeek’ which could mean: ‘Got any nuts?’, ‘Get lost or I’ll eats yous!’ or maybe ‘thatgoblin you are our only hope!’ .
Too bad you don’t speak squirrel.

Hangover flees the scene, falls down a ladder, bounces off a wall and hits the floor one level down. Falls would be really jealous, had he actually witnessed it, the wall and the floor are unimpressed.
It seems Hangover just ran off in time, for the music is suddenly replaced by something even more sinister:
The non-stop Nyan cat song

Turn 4

Falls’ arm stretches and he grabs the edge of the hole in the ceiling. He pulls himself up easily. ‘Yeah’
His arm hurts a lot now though and he loses 1HP for this little stunt.

thatgoblin heads back to the starting-room, to test whether he can go back through the portal he fell out of.
Upon touching the portal again flashes briefly, but it remains closed. He hears a voice coming from the portal “Find …Nyan Nyan Nyan… that …Nyan Nyan Nyan… demn …Nyan Nyan… …” Well it’s hard to understand for some reason. The voice sounds a bit familiar though.

Hangover in the meantime has reached an inhabitated room. There is a single orc with a knife and a torch.

Turn 5

Falls stretches his arm a bit more to reach the new hat that is dangling in front of him … just a bit closer.. almost…
OH Noes! The barrels are starting to roll and he is falling WHEeeeeeeee… whump
despite being of rubber this really hurts. Falls is down 2 more HP but at least he now has the Beekeeper. It goes to the hatventory.

thatgoblin moves one room down to pull the lever. It clicks and the portal here shows some activity. You’re not sure whether that’s good or bad.

Hangover runs away from the orc and enters the room to the right. Suddenly both exits slam shut and the counter on the wall starts counting down. 10…9…8…7

*Turn 6 *

Falls changes his hat and now wears the beekeeper. He then starts smashing barrels around. It’s harder than expected, those things are pretty sturdy. he only manages to somewhat break three so far – they are all empty. At least he gets a plank with a nail in it for his action. This thing might work as a makeshift weapon.

thatgoblin steps into the unknown. In a swirl of pretty colors he is transported to …the room directly below, how lame!

Hangover sits down and enjoys the silence of this room. The counter continues to go down: 6…5…4…3…2…

Turn 7

Falls continues his work of destruction. Finally he spots something in one of the barrels, he grabs… The Donkey Mask
It wanders directly to the hatventory
He walks left into the next room. The bed here looks inviting, he could rest here for a moment (without the nightcap you can’t control your dreams though and it might take longer to wake up fully healed)

thatgoblin opens the chest. It is full of sophisticated adventuring tools!
Seriously! Who puts a chest full of rocks into a dungeon?
(Rock, 2-handed, dmg+1)

Hangover waits a bit more until the counter hits zero. With that the doors slam open again.
Well the short rest has done wonders to him, his headache is almost gone.
He walks over to the right.

Turn 8

Falls decides to take a nap – but not before snatching the Janitor’s Hat and switching it for the Beekeeper (which goes to the hatventory)
He dreams about falling :YAY!
But somehow it doesn’t feel right…
Oh Noes! He has been fooled by a colored ceiling! He’s standing on the ground, save and sound! Falls feels lost and betrayed!
His dream continues…

thatgoblin puts on the Donkey Mask and approaches the ork, stone in hand.
“Hello there.”
“Hi there, too. …Nice stone. I like stones. …Wanna trade?”

Hangover climbs all the way up on the central chain -just to notice that there is no exit to the room above. Drat!

Turn 9

Is it a bird? Is it a dragon? No! it is…
Falls, having the best dream ever! (This time for real!)

Meanwhile thatgoblin tries some diplomacy:
Sure we can trade. How about you give me that dagger? I’ll give you the rock.
Here you go. You know I got a stone in my collection that looks a lot like this one, what a coince… oh whatever it’s cool now I got two o’ them.
The orc leaves thatgoblin happily behind to put his new treasure into his unlocked treasure chest.
thatgoblin now has a dagger (dmg +1, one handed)

Hangover enters yet another room. That knight living here doesn’t look overly friendly, though… at least he isn’t attacking him, yet.

Turn 10

Falls finally wakes up, feeling refreshed. (He’s back at full HP)
He starts inspecting the bookshelf. It contains lot’s of instruction manuals for dungeon keeping etc., picture books of human and elven females sadly no goblins, though.
Falls spies a keyhole behind the pink book in the upper shelf.

thatgoblin moves to the right. The doors slam shut and the counter restarts at 10 …9…8…7

Hangover continues his quest for water. The bridge looks promising. Maybe there is a river below.
He walks closer and looks down.
He stares into an abyss.
…and something stares back.

*Turn 11 *

You all feel strange, as if a ripple was going over the surface of reality.
Then Hangover feels how his essence is disappearing into thin air.
Seems this new hatverse is a pretty dangerous place!
Anyway, Hangover is now missing in action.

Falls in the meantime has managed to find the right key to the hidden keyhole. To his surprise not one but two new exits open one above and one below the bookshelf. he has the free choice where he wants to go next.

thatgoblin pulls the lever, but nothing much happens, aside from the counter restarting at 10. 10…9…8…7…

The portal in the starting room flashes briefly.
It looks like there is a new visitor in the dungeon.
Spaz seems to have fun.

Turn 12

Falls picks up his board with the nail in it, and climbs up to the next room. He feels ready for everything.
… Okay, maybe not for this…
(Lair of the Ratking)

thatgoblin decides to sit down and patiently wait for the room to open up again. Maybe next time he should just try to dash right through this place.
Now he has some minutes alone, he has time to think about the strange voice he heard from the entrance portal. He is pretty sure he knows it, but just isn’t able to connect it to a face. The door will open in the next round.

Spaz tries to take his new toy with him, but a sturdy cord connects it to the box on the wall. So he pushes some of the buttons on the box instead. This causes the music to stop. He only hears some lame beeping sounds now.
While Spaz is playing around with the phone another newcomer enters the dungeon. It is Forgets, who takes a moment to realize that he really doesn’t know this new place, and hadn’t simply forgotten about it.
Finally bored by the phone,Spaz continues to the room to the right.

Turn 13

Falls elegantly and efficiently doublemoves two rooms down.
He spends the rest of his turn sprawled over the floor reciting poetry:
I was expecting treasure and harmless fun,
not a bump on my head the size of a bun!
This dungeon is awful, it gives me the creeps,
I fear I’ll die soon, and stay here for keeps.

thatgoblin continues with his break. The doors open up again.

Spaz feels thirsty. He grabs the bottle (on the table). Bottoms up!
The green potion tastes like… like… the second part of Yummyuck moss!
It doesn’t seem to have any other effect on him though.

Meanwhile Forgets is admiring the indoor tree.

Turn 14

Falls picks up the bucket and takes a large sip.
Plain normal water and no acid. He can safely use it for washing.
So he empties the bucket over his head and starts running around in circles…
He hears a strange dripping sound though and suddenly his goblin-EMP shows him the other half of the room, which had been hidden up until now.
Seems the water broke a sealing spell of sorts.

thatgoblin doublemoves through the creepy room with the chains towards the knight’s bridge.
The knight doesn’t look any nicer.

Spaz spits and sputters, and finally manages to get rid of the awful taste the green potion left in his mouth. He moves to the right.
Ooooh! Buttons!
This room seems to have no other exits. But Spaz thinks he could reach any button he wanted to by climbing over the ladder and the ledges.

Forgets meanwhile tries to convince the squirrel to let him pass.
It is a big success, for when he moves towards it’s hole trying to climb the tree, the squirrel at once moves away from him. (So it obviously must have understood his request).
He finds that climbing the tree is no problem at all.
One room above he finds: …More tree.

Turn 15

Falls checks the secret room. Doesn’t look like there is any more giant rodent surprises down there. He at once puts the Janitor hat back into the hatventory (the keyring disappears with it) and puts on the Witch hat. He adds the black cloak and the broom to his outfit.
Falls feels wicked!

thatgoblin steps on the bridge. The Black knight shouts “Halt no trespassing!”
thatgoblin ignores him and tries to get past him.
The knight attacks! The battle is on…
thatgoblin barely manages to dodge the blade, but his dagger only glances off of the knight’s armor.
No dmg dealt this round.

Spaz is having fun with the buttons.
He starts with the lower right alcoven, because it has the most orange and yellow ones – his favourite colors.
He slowly works his way upward. This round he presses all the buttons in the lower right quadrant of the room
No results so far.

Forgets climbs further up the tree. He thinks he just spotted something important, but he already has forgotten about it again.
Forgetsmeets the local Fauna… it doesn’t like him, and it’s poisonous!
Forgets was bitten by a snake. He looses 1 HP and gains the status “poisoned”.
He manages not to fall from the tree and reaches a branch. He exits the room to the right.

Turn 16

Falls starts reading the book. It has lot’s of funny pictures of spellmishaps and the likes.
He learns something new: If you cast a spell to turn your broom into a servant, and order him to fetch water – make sure you know how to make him stop again!
Falls is sure this book contains more useful information, and he could probably learn a lot from it – in case he doesn’t get distracted again.

thatgoblin has discovered a new place.
He wonders briefly what happened.
Black Knight: 1 , thatgoblin: 0
That’s what happened…

Spaz diligently pushes colorful buttons.
Finally the bright red one in the top corner does something.
The room has two new exits now.
He has noticed that some buttons had sort of a reaction when pushing them, but that pressing another button seems to have reset everything again. He could stay to try out the correct combination, but goblins only get 30 years old at max after all…

Forgets makes a makeshift bandage to slow down the poison. It seems to work and he has won some time. His left arm is pretty useless in this state though.
He then picks up the blue sparkling things and notices it’s jewels and not coins. He puts them into a small pouch made from the remains of his west.
The water i the river tastes good and is refreshing, but it’s just normal water.
Finally he picks up the Eversion hat and puts it on at once.
Forgets is sure something will happen if he steps between the yellow flowers, while wearing this hat.

Turn 17

Falls returns to the janitor’s room and continues reading in his new book while sitting on the bed.
He doesn’t feel tired since he just had a nice nap a few turns ago.
The book is a challenging read, this time he learns that there is a way to enchant mirrors to spy on people, but the only information to get from them is where the person with the highest charisma in the country is located.

Meanwhile thatgoblin is doing some sightseeing in the afterlife.
In this new room he has discovered a really big red button – Spaz would be so jealous!

Or maybe not…

Forgets prods one of the small creatures. It seems to be sort of a crab.
It attacks him … or at least tries to. It doesn’t do any damage, that little critter seems pretty harmless.
He moves between the two yellow flowers and uses the Eversion hat. Suddenly the room becomes a bit darker.
The creatures in this version of the room seem a bit tougher. On the bright side: There is more jewels and a path to the right has opened.
- He feels that he could use the Eversion hat again, to change the room even more.-

Turn 18

Falls continues to read. Hey that looks useful:
Ever been pestered by righteous knights in their shiny armors? I think any witch who knows the trade has her own stories to tell about them.
Get rid of them with the Zapper! Can be used to do other stuff, too I guess.
Falls learns the Zapper: dmg 2 (double against foes in metal armor),electrical, ranged, can be cast 1x any round

Meanwhile thatgoblin is still wandering through the afterlife. But in this room a strange creature blocks his way. Looks like this guy (or gal?) has wings like an angel, but horns like a demon.
“Wanna be judged or just here to complain?” the being asks. The voice sounds pretty bored.

Spaz swings of the rope to hug the pretty red button.
The button is a bit too big to be hugged effectively. Anyway, by Spaz colliding heavily with it, the button is pushed and Spaz falls down.
Well at least nothing bad happened.
..Nothing at all…
The angry Master Squirrel has turned Spaz into a squirrel. Spaz feels weak and vulnerable in this form.
The Mugiwara is too big for him now and returns into the hatventory.

Forgets manages to collect more of the jewels, and now has a total of 8. Unfortunately one of the blue crabs hits him for 1 dmg while he is collecting jewels. Together with the poison in his system he now is down at 2 HP.
He senses another eversion point near.
But he leaves for the room to the right.

Turn 19

Falls leaves the grim… sorry the “spellbook” behind in the janitor’s room and goes back to the wicked hideout.
He spends his turn with tidying up the place.
Hey! Looks like this is the place where he left his plank with the nail. Now he has a free hand again he could take it with him (even though he could possibly use the broom as a double handed weapon).

thatgoblin makes it clear that he is only here to complain.
“Sure! Why would any mortal want to be judged? No it’s just complaining -‘How can I be dead already? I’m just 250 years old!‘, ’How could those peasants do that to me? I’m their king after all! It’s totally normal to collect 200% taxes!‘, ’Couldn’t you have taken my brother-in-law instead?‘, ’What do you mean with: Your wife poisoned your morning coffee for the last 5 years?’
I’m here to judge you for purgatory’s sake! If you want to complain go visit the boss! He’s one door to the left.
The judge pushes thatgoblin into the room to the left.
thatgoblin meets death.

Spaz is talking animatedly with the Master Squirrel. (Maybe the little guy was a reincarnated squirrel after all.)
“Hiya! I’m Spaz! That was cool! How did ya do that?”
“Secret teaching of the Squirrel Fu.”
Spaz tries to hug the big squirrel, but Master Squirrel refuses to be hugged by anyone but attractive young female squirrels.
“I think I like you! What’s yer name?
“I’m THE Master Squirrel.”
I don’t wanna turn back now! When do I turn back? Ooh what kind of squirrel am I? Can I glide? Got nuts? Some people say I am! Why are you wearing robes? Oooh nice caanne! What’s the symbols on the button?"
“You wont turn back, until I’ll remove my curse. Not gonna happen anytime soon, unless you find my long lost nephew, then I’ll make an exeption. Yellow squirrel. Nope. Not for you. They are probably right. The older you get the easier you freeze. Was a gift by my 4th wife. I already noticed you can’t read. It says to not push that button.”

Forgets looks at his work of destruction.
Not a single clock is left functional. He has gained 5 small gears and a set of clock-parts. He thinks he could harvest more loot from the clocks but his pouch is full.
When he destroyed the grandfatherclock he actually found a new hat: The Clockface. Since he sent the Eversion hat back to the hatventory he equips the Clockface instead.

Turn 20

Falls has entered a room with another portal.
The portal looks similar to the one below the starting room, the lever is probably there to manipulate it somehow.
There is some transparent pipes with fluid inside near the ceiling. One of the pipes seems to be blocked by some stuff stuck inside.
On the wall seems to be a controller of sorts (with a warning not to touch it).
Since Falls is hungry by now his senses are enhanced enough to detect the aroma of delicious food coming from the room below. The smell is mouth-watering.

Death talks thatgoblin into playing one of his games.
Since thatgoblin wasn’t paying any attention, he looses 10 times in a row.

Spaz is merrily chittering on.
“Where did you see him last?”
“Some years ago my nephew said he would venture forth to find and to feast on ‘the salty ones’ and that he wouldn’t return before he had reached that goal. Since he hasn’t come back ever since, he either didn’t find them or can’t get them for some reason. In the last case he’d probably wait for an opportunity in a location suitable for a squirrel, that is somewhere near those ‘salty ones’…whatever he meant by that.”
“Can I learn your trick?”
“While I might be talked into teaching you the art of the Squirrel-Fu, it would take you several years to master it, …not to mention that you have the attention span of a squirrel, so probably: No.”
“What’s over there?”
“Some trees and a bridge.”
Spaz happily jumps over to the right exit.
Well the Master Squirrel was right. Spaz is sitting high up on a treetop. Below he can see a bridge with a guy in black armor and a goblin corpse in a pool of blood on top.
On the branches just across the room he spies something white that looks like some bedsheet. In his squirrelform he probably could jump over with ease.

Forgets has entered a new room. This one seems to be occupied though.
Judging by appearance this guy seems to be a mage.

Turn 21

Falls has discovered the source of the delicious smell:
Unfortunately the menue on the wall tells him, that he can’t afford anything from it, currently, as he doesn’t have any of the local currency.
There is a ‘HELP WANTED sign’ though.

thatgoblin asks Death whether he can have Death’s hood.
“Sorry, no can do. See that hood can only be won in a battle with Death. If you manage to defeat me you can have it, but then you’ll become the next Death. … You can try if you want, but I should warn you, if you loose you can’t be sent back to life anymore, neither by me nor by reincarnation.”

Spaz tries his new, incredible squirrel jumping powers.
He notices he can use his tail for gliding, even though not as perfect as an actual flying squirrel could.
It’s enough to reach the other treetop with ease, though.
Spaz claims the white sheet! It is a new hat, though, and sent straight to the hatventory, since he can’t use it currently.
Then he exits to the right.
There is the biggest hat he has seen so far, and the room is filled with sparkling and tingling but harmless yellow energy.

Forgets asks the mage whether he has an antidote for him.
“Bugger off!”
- Seems not to be the most social fellow of sorts.
So Forgets casts a look into the wardrobe.
He sees some yellow underwear, a single sock with a hole big enough, that a brick would fall through, and a jar of pickled cucumbers (which is on the highest shelf and out of his reach).
But what is this? when he opened the wardrobe, the chest in the room opened, too. It seems to be filled with gold, and the potion on top of the treasure looks like it could be an antidote.

Turn 22

Falls inquires about the help wanted sign.
The manager of the Pizza Palace suggests that he helps with the following tasks:
different tasks

- emptying the trashcan for 5 gold, a job quickly done.
- cleaning the shop for 20 gold, this might take a while.
- cooking pizza for 70 gold, Packs a Pizza sais that you need a special hat to do this job. He will provide it but it will be cut from your payment. And this task will be a very long one.
- rathunting in the storeroom he pays you 1gold for any slain rat. He’s not sure how long this task might take, will depend on the number of rats you manage to kill.
- delivering pizza to his clients, 5 gold for any delivered pizza, the customers might give you tips if you are fast enough. He’ll throw in an official PP deliveryhat in the deal.

Falls decides to start with something easy and empties the trashcan. (He gains 5 gold for a job completed and finds an empty bottle in the trash.)

Btw. the Menue here is the following:

Pizza Diavoly – 12 gold
Pizza Fruits di Mare -12 gold
Pizza Royale – 24 gold
Pizza al Fungi – 15 gold
Pizza Copper Sun – 10 gold
Pizza Celeste – 30 gold
(Special pizzas on request.)

thatgoblin challenges Death to a game!
“Okay, if you win this I’ll send you back to the Hativerse.”
With that Death pulls out a box with cards.
The game is called “Soul Trap”.
Death pulls a card and reads the question:

“New Boss is the new chief of his clan. The only thing he is still missing is the chief’s tattoo. There are two goblins in his tribe who could tattoo him: Uses Pointy Items and Mixes Paint. Both of the tattoo artists have tattoos of their own. Pointy has a perfect tattoo of a dragon on his chest. Mixes has a tatoo of an eagle on his bald head, but it rather looks like a duck.
Which one of the two should New Boss ask to do his chief-tattoo?

Spaz returns to the room with the starry sky and climbs down the tree to the bridge.

Forgets is a bit nervous about the chest having big and pointy teeth. The mage continues to ignore him.
Nervous or not Forgets decides to try his luck with grabbing the antidote-potion from the mimic.
Luggage (the mimic) can’t believe his luck. He get’s his favourite lunch: Thieving goblin fingers…
Or is he?….
Forgets manages to snatch the bottle with ‘perfect timing’ – never has an antidote potion tasted sweeter!
Forgets is no longer poisoned!

Turn 23

Falls gets a new hat from Packs, the PP-Chef-hat. He dons it at once, and the Witchhat goes back to the hatventory. Falls then puts the broom and his cape aside.
Packs allows him to bake a free pizza Coppersun as a testrun first, and even throws in a free can of Fountain Brew on the deal.
Falls begins with the job.
Soon the orders start rolling in…
Falls learns that the pizza coppersun has extra cheese, extra cheese and extra cheese as toppings

thatgoblin choses that Uses Pointy Items is the best candidate for the tattoo-job.
Somewhere a goblin named Pointy creates a tattoo for his chief New Boss. He puts the same effort and skill into it like for the eagle-tattoo he made for Mixes Paint.
Chief New Boss is soon known as chief Wears-a-helmet-even-when-eating-or-sleeping.

“I fear your answer wasn’t correct.” Death explains to thatgoblin. “Want another riddle?”

Meanwhile Spaz the infamous squirrel follows a plan of his own.
He manages to knock the beehive down without the bees even noticing him.
They notice the black knight, though, and the black knight notices them…
Flailing wildly the knight falls off his bridge!
He shouts something, while the sound of metal hitting pavement echos through the rooms:
“I’ll be BACK!”

Forgets climbed out of the window (ignoring the mage’s protest, not to walk over his bed), and finds himself…
… in a garden?

Turn 24

Falls continues with the job. Some crazy person ordered the pizza Diavoly.
Falls’ eyes begin to tear. The toppings are: chilly peppers, jalpanelo peppers and red onions.
Looks like the orders just keep coming. He wonders if there is a way to speed things up a bit?

thatgoblin asks Death for another riddle.
_"Well, Surprised by Events the fortuneteller needs 2 gemstones of the same color as eyes for an idol quickly – since the last one was stolen by adventurers and the gods (namely Maglubyet) are angry. So he has no choice but to send Searches Shiny Things into the old mine near the warcamp.
Even more unfortunately the mine is full of monsters, which are attracted by light and noise.
Shiny has to go in quickly and silently, pick some gems and get the hell outa there, all without a lightsource.
Now while goblins can see in the dark, they can’t tell colors apart without light – and there are red and green gems in that mine.
As said before as a set of eyes two gems of the same color are necessary.
How many gems should Shiny pick in the mine before he runs for the exit?"
Speaking of eyesight: Spaz learns that squirrel eyes are a lot weaker than goblin eyes regarding seeing in darkness. He has to climb down into the chasm.
The black knight is nowhere to be seen though…

Forgets picks a flower. He should remember to give it some water sometime, or it will wilt.
He then moves on to the right…

Turn 25

Falls picks the Clockface out of the hatventory. Time for an experiment!
Total success!!!
It looks like you can wear the clockface together with most other hats!
Falls doubles the speed of the pizza baking.
Somebody wants a pizza Knight’s special with coconuts, carrots and black olives… what a weirdo!

Meanwhile thatgoblin gives Death his answer: “7 gems.”
Somewhere in a dark mine a goblin named Picks Shinys…
invites a whole family of monsters for dinner…
“No, the correct answer was 3. Even though it would have been even easier to cut a single gem in two, so I would have accepted both answers.
I’m sorry, we have to interrupt the game for a moment here. The job, you know? You can decide if you want another riddle, though, in the meantime.”

Spaz destroys another part of the net. It’s sticky, indeed, he should better avoid getting caught in it. Unfortunately now the left wall is quite covered with it – which will make climbing back up to the left exit a dangerous adventure for a squirrel. The spider looks pretty hungry and angry already.
Nevertheless first Spaz needs to make sure friend fly is okay. But what is that? It’s not actually a fly trapped in that webbing, its a stylish Fly-hat! It goes directly to the hatventory.

Forgets inspects the empty grave.
It’s deep, dark and looks empty. The gravestone has no inscription, yet. On a pile of relatively fresh earth lies an old spade.

Wait a moment!
What is this?
Looks like a new player-character has been unlocked.
Shiny has entered the Afterlife. He (… or is that a she?) doesn’t look too happy about that, though.

Turn 26

Falls realizes that he simply can’t poison the nice, paying customer (black knicht). It would be bad for buiseness, a really evil action and… well he has no poison.
He decides to get a bit creative with the customers free can of Fountain Brew instead.
After that he (double speed) bakes 3 more pizzas.
He decides to ask Packs Pizzas the manager, whether this is enough for now.
“You sure you don’t want to stay as my cook? With your speed we’d be rich in no time.”
But Falls explains that he needs a longer break now.
Packs hands him back his equipment, and a pouch with GP.
With the payment for the hat already removed there is 35GP left in the pouch.

thatgoblin doublemoves back into the room with the red button.
He decides to push it…
thatgoblin has returned to the Hativerse.
Wait… something feels not quite right…
thatgoblin is now a cat.

Spaz is planning to ruin a spider’s day.
The spider plans to ruin a squirrel’s day.
The spider jumps down from her hideout and hits Spaz for 1dmg.
Which is very bad, because in this weak squirrel-form he can’t do anything about it but running away.
And the spider is between him and the nearest exit…
Spaz is down to 2HP.

Forgets puts the flower on a grave with the inscription: T. Tuckerton beloved stepdaughter.
He has no idea, who that person might have been, but he feels placing the flower was right there.
He then moves over to the right.
He has just entered, when some force pulls him to the center of the completely white room…

Shiny presses ‘R’…
Nothing happens.

Turn 27

Falls changes his hats, and enters the room to the right. He has to balance on some pegs in the wall since there is no floor on this side, exept for the space that’s occupied by the beast…
Looks like Falls will be under attack in the next turn.

thatgoblin climbs up the ladder to the next room. Climbing ladders is difficult for cats and takes both actions.
Nothing has changed here it seems.

Spaz dashes below the spider’s body to the room to the right.
Safe at last…

Forgets puts on the Mugiwara, ready to grab something in the room to the left to pull himself out of the Edge-room.
But before he can do so some force repells him and he crashlands back on the graveyard.
The graveyard soil is soft enough and additionally he’s currently made of rubber. So he doesn’t get hurt (aside from his pride maybe).
Even the empty potion bottle stays in one piece.
(Since 2 of the edges of the room were in open space, you had 50% chance to be expelled from the room anyway.)

Shiny presses the ‘R’ a bit more, just to make sure…
… nope, still no reaction.
Shiny is getting angry.

Turn 28

Falls jumps onto the broom and flies over to the middle of the room … oh well at least somewhere near the middle, where the dead dude isn’t in the way.
The beast seems to be afraid of this sudden display of magic and retreats a bit, still hissing.
It seems to ignore Falls attempts to tame it for now – maybe something is lacking.
At least it wont attack anymore unless Falls makes a wrong move.

thatgoblin has discovered one of the secret powers of his new body: Catnap!
Cats can sleep nearly anywhere as long as no enemy is around.
He looks for a comfy spot and closes his eyes.
He discovers a strange land full of creamy mountains, flying saucers and white rivers…

Spaz dives into the panic-room aka the trashbin
This place wouldn’t be that bad as a squirrelnest.
It has some soft papertowels as cushion (just a bit damp)
The view could be a lot better though…
That spider is pretty persistent.
At least it seems not to be able to reach Spaz …for now.

Forgets dusts himself off. Nobody saw him crash-land aside from the crows and the statue.
He hopes neither of them likes to gossip.
He then jumps into the open grave.
As he saw before there is nothing down here.
And it could be difficult to climb out again.

Shiny wanders off to the left.
For some reason she has an idea how this room might work.
She knows that the last goblin who pressed that button was transformed into a cat.
She wonders where this knowledge might come from … Oh! Of course goblin ESP-powers. She has already heard about those.

Turn 29

Falls swiftly flies through the right exit, a strange, horrendous song suddenly becoming hearable as he passes through it. With the sound of a click however, it instantly dissapears. Falls then enters the room, flying on her broom. The demon doesn’t seem too fazed by the display of magic.
“Oh, hi there. Want something to drink?”

thatgoblin awakes from his catnap feeling refreshed. He climbs a bit further up on the tree and leaves to the right.

Spaz searches his little fortress for a backdoor. -There is none, though. Probably the lid or the bottom of the wastebin can be removed somehow for easy emptying, but he has no idea how to do that, it is probably not possible to open it from inside.
So he goes for plan B and bites into a spiderleg.
He isn’t doing any damage concerning HP, but he thinks he could gnaw the leg off within another turn.
He would be exposing his fur to a counteratttack from the second spiderleg, though.
The trashbin is shaking from the battle.

Forgets changes the Mugiwara for the Eversion hat.
The powers of eversion change the room:
Forgets looses his foothold, and slides down into the lowest corridor.

Shiny presses -not the button, but instead any ‘R’ in the room she can reach. Which is only the one in the word Press all others are too high up.
And of course nothing happens! Shiny is steaming with rage by now.
She moves over to the left.
Where some guy (gal? whatever!) asks her: “Wanna be judged or just here to complain?”

Turn 30

Falls has a rescue mission to complete, there is no time for lukewarm drinks. He just flies straight through the room.
The demon-barkeep sighs, but one day a customer WILL come. He helps himself to some peanuts and a glass of scotch.
In the meantime Falls gets trapped in the counter-room.
He lands and hastily equips the clockface. Setting is 10x speed.
The doors slam back open at once. Falls can leave the room next turn.
But demn this is a strain on the body! He probably wont be able to move using the 10x setting, or else some of his tendons may just snap.

thatgoblin is clawing and hissing at that demn tomcat in the water.
That jerk just isn’t backing away, probably he’s here to steal all those fish and that shiny round thingy in the shell from thatgoblin. If only there was a way to hit that tomcat without getting wet paws!

Meanwhile Spaz fights for his dear life!
He increases his efforts of gnawing through the spiderleg and succeeds in biting it off.
Unfortunately dispite his dodging attempts the spider knows pretty well where to strike (where the squirrel is hanging from her other leg, that is)
Spaz gets hit in the side and looses another precious hitpoint. He is down to 1HP now.

Forgets casts a last longing gaze at the unreachable diamond, before he exits to the right.
Oh, great! Why? Just why does the vermin in this place have to be that big?

Shiny is so angry, that she is at a loss for words.

Turn 31 (page 9)


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