On this page you’ll find background material to the Forum game: ‘Let there be Hats’
Special about this game is, that the rooms are created not by a single person but by several GMs of the forum.

In the Gameworld of the Hativerse hats are the items of power.
Those who master the powers of the hats can accomplish anything.

Here the game-rules (as first described by Lonestar North, but with a few changes):

The players (usually) start the game as goblins.
The players can name their goblins as they like, but they shouldn’t forget, that a goblin’s name choosen by the clan’s fortuneteller hints at his destiny.

If a goblin finds and fullfills his destiny he is growing stronger and healthier.

The hatventory starts empty.
If you want hats from the old game, create a new room for the Hativerseand put 1 – 2 of them in.

Actions and Movement:

You can move one room and take one action in the same turn. If you take no action, you can move two rooms. Actions include examining an object, manipulating an object, attacking a creature, using certain abilities… just about anything. You can combine multiple small actions in certain cases, generally involving items that are close together or already in your hands. Swapping hats does NOT count as your action. Swapping held items with another Goblin doesn’t count as your action IF you are close together.

Goblins can’t attack other Goblins. Goblins CAN loot dead Goblins. Goblins CANNOT transfer an item when they die. Goblins can speak to each other over any distance and see what their fellow Goblins see (Goblin ESP)

Additional rules for clarification:

Ways to win this game: You have a secret objective. Secret because all of you forgot what exactly it was. Find out what you were sent to do in the Hativerse and complete the job.

Ways to loose the game: The game wont end even if all players end up in the afterlife map. But if all players get stuck, somewhere permanently or removed from the game by an in-game event, you’ll loose.
You’ll loose as well if your quest becomes impossible to solve for any reason.

Damage taken from falling:

A character will fall down all the way there is in one turn (unless he has something to slow that fall, like a parachute for example).
(If a character falls for the lulz alone, and it’s within the moving 2 rooms per turn limit, I’m not handing out dmg.)
The dmg is counted by as to how many rooms the character is falling down. Falling within 1 room = 1 dmg, for any added room the damage doubles.
→ 2 rooms = 2dmg, 3 rooms = 4dmg, 4 rooms = 8dmg, etc.
Additionally a character may take damage if he hits obstacles on the way down, or when he is falling into something nasty (like a speartrap, pile of glas shards, picked fence etc.)

While falling a character can perform either 1 action (as long as it’s not over the turn limit), or 2 free actions (dropping an item or change/activate a hat).

Special rules concerning equipment in the AL:

1. If you die your whole stuff stays behind with your corpse and your hat returns to the Hatventory.

2. The Hatventory IS accessable from the AL but to be honest most of the hats are not working correctly there or are outright useless
- example: The Janitor hat – it comes with a keyring with keys for any lock in the Hativerse. None of them will be able to unlock anything in the AL or in the Gearmine-age map.

3. Stuff you find in the Afterlife can be used/equipped or in case of hats sent to the Hatventory. If you will keep any of the stuff you find there when returning to the Hativerse depends on the conditions how you’re sent back.
- The rebirth button means you will restart without any extra items.

4. If you are somehow stumbling into the AL while still alive, you’ll go there with all your stuff and your hat still equipped.

Let there be Hats!

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